Committed to Create New Jobs in the Greek
Economy by bringing New Ideas to Life

JumpStart Greece is a donation based crowdfunding platform on which innovative people, companies, communities, NGOs and NPOs operating in Greece can present their creative and innovative ideas and seek the funding that is necessary in order to bring them to life. Through their ideas and the support of backers from around the world, we aim to fulfill our mission statement:


To fund 3.000 projects and create 10.000 new jobs in the Greek economy, by the end of 2019


Our success will be measured by the number of creative and innovative projects we help come to life and the number of new jobs that these projects will create in the Greek economy.   A positive impact on Greek society is part of our mission and governs all our corporate actions.

Our commitment to our backers is that we will report, on a daily basis,

the number of new jobs created from projects that they helped fund.

We manifest our dedication to spur growth
in the Greek economy by committing
to annually donate 10% of our after-tax profits towards:

  • awards for business creativity
  • music awards
  • athletic awards
  • school science awards
  • scholarships for exceptional underprivileged students
  • awards for technological innovation

We support creativity and innovation in Greece, we fight unemployment

Help us stop Greece’s Brain Drain

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