Our Crowdfunding Innovations

Jump Start Greece is a donation based funding platform for projects, created to help Greek ideas come to life. Our platform helps fund new and innovative projects as well as special interest projects and NGOs and in the process it contributes to the creation of new jobs in the Greek economy.  We help fund projects in an number of fields such as agriculture, crafts, fashion, food, film and documentaries’ production, music, publishing, photography, theater, technology, as well as special interest projects such as in archaeology, athletes, but also local communities, nonprofit organisations, and schools.

JumpStart Greece has introduced three major innovations in the crowdfunding industry:

1. Geographic project segmentation

Some prospective backers may be of Greek origin or may simply be interested in backing a project in a specific area of Greece.  The JumpStart Greece platform, offers to prospective backers the possibility to indicate their “Area of Interest” in Greece. This innovation allows our platform to identify projects within each prospective backers’ area of interest and streamline these projects to them.  This way, prospective backers will be automatically informed about projects that originate in their area of interest and, by funding these, assist the creation of new jobs in this particular area.

2. Supervised vs Unsupervised Projects

This innovation was introduced to provide prospective backers with additional confidence in the prospects of success of a project.  The project creator may or may not select to have his project supervised.  If Supervised, the project creator must tag the project as “Supervised” and must include in the project creation phase, a brief presentation of his project Supervisor a brief resume and contact details (email) for backers to contact in the event they require an update on the projects progress.  The Supervisor is not a guarantor of the projects success, but is monitoring that the project did create the number of jobs it had indicated and was executed according to the project outline, based upon which the backers made their donations.

3. Job Creation

Each project creator must indicate during the project creation phase, how many jobs his project will create if funded.  This innovation was designed by the JumpStart Greece team in order to assure that JumpStart Greece funded projects have a positive social impact on the Greek economy.  The reduction of Greek unemployment is one of our most coveted corporate goals and that is why we have set a target to help create:


10.000 new jobs in Greece
by the end of

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