Jump Start Greece is a donation based funding platform for projects, created to help Greek ideas come to life and support the creation of new jobs in the Greek economy.  We help fund projects in an number of fields such as agriculture, crafts, fashion, food, film and documentaries’ production, music, publishing, photography, theater, technology, as well as special interest projects such as in archaeology, athletes, but also local communities, nonprofit organisations, and schools.

JumpStart Greece has introduced three major innovations in the crowdfunding industry:

1. Geographic project segmentation

Some prospective backers may be of Greek origin or may simply be interested in backing a project in a specific area of Greece.  The JumpStart Greece platform, offers to prospective backers the possibility to indicate their “Area of Interest” in Greece. This innovation allows our platform to identify projects within each prospective backers’ area of interest and streamline these projects to them.  This way, prospective backers will be automatically informed about projects that originate in their area of interest and, by funding these, assist the creation of new jobs in this particular area.

2. Supervised Projects

This innovation was introduced to provide prospective backers with additional confidence in the prospects of success of a project.  The project creator may or may not select to have his project supervised.  If Supervised, the project creator must tag the project as “Supervised” and must include in the project creation phase, a brief presentation of his project Supervisor a brief resume and contact details (email) for backers to contact in the event they require an update on the projects progress.  A “Supervisor”, for example, could be a university professor, a business consultant, a teacher, a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, a musician, a director, an archaeologist, and any other established professional who the project creator believes can add value and credibility to the successful execution of the project. The Supervisor is not a guarantor of the projects success, he monitors its execution based on the project plan and confirms that the number of new jobs that were indicated, were created by the project creator.

3. Job Creation

Each project creator must indicate during the project creation phase, how many jobs his project will create if funded.  This innovation was designed in order to assure that JumpStart Greece funded projects have a positive social impact on the Greek economy.  The reduction of Greek unemployment is one of our most coveted corporate goals and that is why we have set a target to help create:


10.000 new jobs in Greece
by the end of

If you are working on, or planning to write an article about JumpStart Greece or crowdfunding in Greece and have questions, please contact us at

It all starts with an idea or a need conceived in the minds of the project creators.  It takes them weeks of preparation and creative work to write their project pages, enrich them with explanatory text and presentations, provide financial analysis proving it is viable, create videos that present the project creators and their innovative idea and brainstorming over what rewards to offer their backers.

A Project creator:

  1. Indicates if the project is Supervised or Unsupervised,
  2. Sets a funding goal,
  3. Sets the number of new jobs that will be created if their project is funded,
  4. Sets the project’s funding deadline.

If prospective backers like the project, they can pledge on their credit card (donate) money to help the idea come to life. If the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, all backers’ credit/cash cards are charged when the project funding deadline is reached. If the project funding is not reached, none of the prospective backers is charged anything.

Backers are generally motivated by many reasons.  They may be inspired by the project creator’s new idea, believe in helping others in their beginnings, wish to contribute to a good cause, or they may simply like the rewards offered by a project.

We at JumpStart Greece know that many public-spirited people, especially among the Greek Diaspora and a global network of Philhellenes, believe in helping creative people bring their ideas to life in Greece. Their small financial contribution to local projects can go a long way in creating a lasting positive impact for Greece, by creating jobs in the local economy.

The JumpStart Greece platform offers also to backers from all around the world the possibility to focus on projects originating in a specific area of Greece, which may be their area of origin or interest, and thus help local communities grow.

Project creators can also expect to see their friends and family rally around their projects, supporting them in their efforts to bring their idea to life.

All intellectual property rights and company or other ownership are the property of the project creators, who maintain 100% ownership of their work. Backers fund projects in order to support them to come to life and to contribute to the creation of much needed jobs in the Greek economy, but do not benefit directly from a project’s financial success, nor do they acquire any participation or shares in the project owner’s company or other entity.

JumpStart Greece is a donation based platform and cannot be used to offer equity or solicit loans from prospect backers.

Everything uploaded on the platform of JumpStart Greece must be a project creating a new product or responding to a specific need from a local community or support the work of a NPO.  The reason is simple.  A project has a clear goal, like, for example, making an album, priting a book, or realizing a work of art, or covering a community based need, for example to enrich a local library or restore an archaeological find or historical landmark. At the end of a project or the fulfillment of a need, something will be produced, a local community will fulfill its need and most importantly, jobs will have been created in the Greek economy.

We allow on our platform, creative projects in the fields of Technology, Agriculture, Food, Culture, Film, documentary and Video Games production, Theater, Music, Fashion, Publishing, Sports, NPOs projects  and local community needs such as environmental projects, restoration and many more categories.

JumpStart Greece does not allow projects to fundraise by offering financial incentives. Check out our rules for details

The project creator is the only person responsible to complete the project.  If the project is Supervised, then the Supervisors undertakes to mentor and assist the project creator to complete the project.  The project creator and/or the Supervisor can issue project progress reports and post them as updates to the project, or send them through JumpStart Greece via email to all the backers as a regular project update.  JumpStart Greece does not guarantee projects, it is in no way involved in the development or execution of the projects, nor is it responsible to investigate the ability of the project creator and/or his “Supervisor” to complete the project.

Uploading a project on the JumpStart Greece platform is free of charge for the project creator.

Becoming a member of our community, receiving updates of new projects and following closer existing projects, is free of charge.

Backers of projects that do not reach their funding goals are not charged any amount on their credit/debit cards.

If a project reaches its funding goal, then and only then, before transferring the funds to the project owner:

  • Payment processing fees by third-party partners (Banks) will be charged, estimated between 3%-3,5%.
  • JumpStart Greece applies an 8% fee on the funds collected, after processing fees.
  • The net amount receivable may be subject to a Greek donation tax, for which the funds recipient is responsible.

For further details view the fees breakdown

More questions? See our FAQs or Contact us

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